The Mighty Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs, like trains, were never a big deal with my daughters. But dinosaurs, like trains, are a very big deal to little boys, and, as it turns out, to a lot of little girls as well. When I nannied Cooper, one of our favorite shows was Dinosaur Train on PBS, and it was a valuable […]

Why We Wear Masks

It’s certainly a different world these days for all of us during the virus. But I would imagine that for children, it’s especially upside down and chaotic. Will they be in school, or will school be at home? Why can’t they go play with their friends? And why are we wearing masks? With many adults […]

Silly Faces and Your Photo Legacy

Seeing cute photos online prompted me to do a light topic on this episode: silly faces. So we had some fun with that and pointed out that some of the best group photos happen when the photographer says, Okay, now everyone be silly! So I read a poem about making silly faces in pictures. I […]

Military Children: Our Dandelion Kids

When I did our episode on dandelions, I totally forgot that dandelions are the official flower of military children like our Charlie. Like dandelions, military kids are tough and resilient, they flourish anywhere and they put down roots where the wind takes them. I have tremendous respect for the Charlie’s of the world, the Dandelion […]

Car Wash Fun and the Joy of an Allowance

I research online to see what little ones like to talk about and hear about. I keep a list of what I cover, and so far I’m doing pretty well. Some of the topics on the various lists give me pause, I must admit. I mean, honestly, I’m just not sure how I would approach […]

Personal Style: A Statement at Any Age

When I was raising my daughters, I don’t remember a lot of resistance to wearing clothes that either I picked out or that matched (and what I picked out usually did). They were easy to get along with when it came to dressing them for the most part. When I nannied Cooper, there was a […]

Travel in Our Minds

During the Covid crisis, no one was traveling, of course; most of us weren’t leaving our own homes. There still isn’t a lot of traveling, and many of us are still sticking close to the house. So I knew it would be a very claustrophobic time for little ones. No visits to relatives, no trips […]

The Joy of Dandelions

Yep, dandelions. I’ve always thought they were pretty things, even as I’m digging them out of my yard. And I never outgrew blowing on them in their white fuzzy form and making wishes. But then, I believe in fairies, so what do we expect, right? So I was hoping that little ones would find dandelions […]

We All Deserve Medals these Days

I read that kids like the idea of medals and seeing medals. I run/walk virtual races and collect the medals, so I had some I could show the little ones when we filmed our episode on medals and awards. And when it comes to awarding medals, let’s face it—we probably all deserve at least one. […]

Rainbows for Charlie

I haven’t mentioned yet that we have family in Italy. Our son-in-law Ben is a navy Lt Commander stationed in Naples, so he, our daughter Ashley, and four-year-old grandson Charlie have been there since late last summer. We visited them shortly after they relocated for our very first trip to Europe and came home in […]


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