Taking the Fear out of a Dentist Visit

Whenever possible, I like to use the GG Sprinkles forum for more than entertainment. I like to educate a bit or, in the case of this episode, eliminate a bit of fear. When I was a little girl, trips to our dentist—the only one in our little Tennessee town—were often not pleasant experiences. But things […]

The Music of Children

Let’s face it: We all need music in our lives, even if we don’t know it. It doesn’t have to be professional or polished. In fact, it can be music we create. Nothing fancy, of course. Instruments can be pretty primitive, and sometimes the more primitive the better. Or at least, more fun. It was […]

Trying Everything (and Not Giving Up!)

I wish I could tell you that I’ve never given up, but I can’t. I have a feeling I’m in some very good company in this. I also have to admit that I’m sometimes reluctant to try new things. And as the former nanny of a risk-taking little boy, I can honestly say that I’ve […]

Things that Go Fast! Race Cars and Roller Coasters

I always wanted to build a racetrack. Well, sort of. And I thought I could indulge that fantasy and share it with my GG Sprinkles viewers. I decided to use what I had on hand to build my racetrack, and that happened to be poster board, along with tape and markers. I built a pretty […]

It’s Okay to Be a Puzzle

Puzzles of all sorts are popular with children and adults alike. I thought doing a GG Sprinkles episode on puzzles would be appropriate. I didn’t just want to demonstrate store-bought puzzles, so I decided to make some of my own. That way I could encourage the kids to do the same. I took a Christmas […]

Baseball Heroes

The start of the baseball season, however tardy, and a late night chance viewing of the movie “A League of Their Own” got me thinking about the women who achieved so much for little girls of the future who dreamed of playing professional sports. The 600 women who played in the All American Girls Professional […]

Sailing with Pirates

Pirates have always fascinated me, and apparently they intrigue children also. Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a favorite animated show, I hear. There are many children’s books out there that have pirates for characters, as well. This is, of course, the romanticized version of pirates. The cutthroat reality would be a bit much. So […]

The Mighty Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs, like trains, were never a big deal with my daughters. But dinosaurs, like trains, are a very big deal to little boys, and, as it turns out, to a lot of little girls as well. When I nannied Cooper, one of our favorite shows was Dinosaur Train on PBS, and it was a valuable […]

Why We Wear Masks

It’s certainly a different world these days for all of us during the virus. But I would imagine that for children, it’s especially upside down and chaotic. Will they be in school, or will school be at home? Why can’t they go play with their friends? And why are we wearing masks? With many adults […]

Silly Faces and Your Photo Legacy

Seeing cute photos online prompted me to do a light topic on this episode: silly faces. So we had some fun with that and pointed out that some of the best group photos happen when the photographer says, Okay, now everyone be silly! So I read a poem about making silly faces in pictures. I […]


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